Chances are you have invested a great deal of time and money in your home. You want to make certain you have the top-of-the-line protection. With Great Bay, you and your agent can build a policy that will personalize your coverages to match your needs. Unlike many other insurance companies, we do not dictate what types of coverages you need to carry. We let you and your agent pick only the coverages you need and want at an attractive price, saving you money.

Protect your prized possessions with a Great Bay policy tailored to your specific needs. Great Bay Insurance Company currently offers homeowners policies in the state of NJ for single and multi-family residences. We specialize in insuring coastal homes (hurricane and nor’easter prone) along the Jersey Shore from Sandy Hook to Cape May (Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties).

Great Bay provides coastal homeowners insurance coverage for single-family homes as well as 2-4 unit multi-family homes. We do not currently offer insurance policies for individual condominiums nor renters insurance policies.


Optional Coverages Offered by Great Bay **

  • Change Your Key Insurance Coverages & Options, As Needed:
    • Coverage B – other structures – provides coverage for outdoor structures such as fences, sheds, decks, & outdoor built-in barbecue areas.
    • Coverage C – contents – provides coverage for the personal property in your home.
    • Coverage D – loss-of-use – provides coverage for temporary living expenses when your home cannot be occupied due to a covered loss.
    • Coverage E – liability – provides coverage for you in the case of injury to others caused by a covered loss.
    • Coverage F – medical payments – provides quick coverage & payment for minor injuries to others on your property caused by a covered loss.
  • Ordinance or law – covering increased costs due to influences such as changes in building codes.
  • Replacement cost on contents – provides enhanced coverage for your personal property instead of “actual cash value”.
  • Extended replacement cost – provides additional coverage to replace your home in the case of a total loss.
  • Replacement cost on non-building structures – provides additional coverage to replace outside structures such as fences, sheds, decks & outdoor barbecue areas.
  • Debris removal – increased limit – provides additional coverage for expenses required to remove debris caused by a covered loss.
  • Loss assessment – provides coverage for assessments that you incur on your property as a result of a covered loss.
  • Refrigerated personal property – provides coverage to food perishables that are impacted by a covered loss.
  • Water backup additional limit – provides additional coverage for damage caused by water that backs up from sewers or drains in your home.
  • Limited fungi/mold (property and liability) – provides coverage for losses suffered by you or others as a result of mold.
  • Mechanical breakdown – provides coverage to your appliances due to a covered loss.
  • Workers compensation – provides coverage for injury to workers employed by you for a covered loss that occurs on your property.
  • Escaped fuel – provides coverage for you or others impacted by escape of heating oil from an oil tank on your property.
  • Special & scheduled limits – provides coverage for your valuables such as jewelry & collections.
  • All Other Perils Deductible – this is the primary deductible that you will be responsible for in the case of a covered loss (i.e., $1,000 or $2,500) – the higher the deductible that you choose, the more you will save on the price of your Great Bay homeowners insurance – we have many price-reducing deductible options.
  • Wind Deductible – this is an optional deductible that you can choose in order to substantially lower your homeowners insurance price. The Wind Deductible will be the amount that you would be responsible for in the case of a loss to your home or personal property caused by “wind”.
  • Hurricane Deductible – if you would like to reduce your homeowners insurance price even further, you can choose an optional Hurricane Deductible, which only applies if a hurricane causes a covered loss to your home or personal property. The Hurricane Deductible will be the amount that you would be responsible for in the case of a loss to your home or personal property caused by a “hurricane”.

** DISCLAIMER — The above coverage descriptions are intended to be simplistic to provide basic information, but these descriptions do not constitute actual policy coverage or actual policy coverage language – please refer to you actual policy contract & actual policy endorsements, or consult with a professional insurance agent, to fully understand each of the specific coverages that you are considering purchasing or those coverages which you have on your actual insurance policy.

insuring coastal homes for New Jersey residents.